The workshop “Mass Transportation Theory: Opening perspectives in Statistics, Probability and Computer Science” will be an international scientific meeting organized by the IMUVA, the Mathematical Institute of the University of Valladolid, Spain. The meeting will be held at the IMUVA facilities in Valladolid, Spain. The workshop will include two short courses (5 hours each) to be given by leading research experts on the field. A second scientific activity will consist of plenary conferences covering the main methodological challenges and achievements of the Mass Transportation Theory from several points of view, notably those related to Statistics, Probability and Computer Science. The workshop will include, as well, oral contributions to be selected from proposals by young researchers interested in the topic. The number of participants is limited to 40.

Mass Transportation Theory has been for a long time the focus of attention for a diverse mathematical audience. The initial optimization problem was raised by Monge in the the late eighteenth century, and evolved in the mid-twentieth century through the version of Kantorovich. Later, entire schools have shared this common study objective through very different mathematical languages and perspectives.  Being fundamental for several basic problems in Analysis, Geometry or Probability, the applications of the range of problems living under the mass transportation label have blown up in the last decades in a spectacular way. This workshop attempts to cover some of these problems and applications emphasizing in the Statistical and Computational settings. Image processing, optimal portfolios, shape analysis, clustering, aggregation, parallelization,… are among the topics of interest, but mathematical foundations, algorithms and computational issues will be also cornerstones of the plenary talks.

This international workshop on “Mass Transportation Theory: Opening perspectives in Statistics, Probability and Computer Science” is aimed at the dissemination of the state of the art and foster the interest of young researchers to realize contributions in this as consolidated as promising area.


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Due to space limitations, the maximum number of participants is set at 40. Those interested must register before May 30th, and must pay 100€ by bank transfer or credit card. Participants will have access to workshop documentation, coffee breaks and the final dinner. Registered participants interested in giving a talk at the workshop should submit a title and abstract. The organizing committee will consider existing proposals and decide on the basis of their suitability and the spaces available in the workshop schedule. The submission of proposals ends on 15 May. Acceptance will be communicated before 22 May.



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