How to get here

How to arrive to Valladolid


The closest airport is Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas
From Madrid to Valladolid you can take a train or a bus.
Trains start from Madrid-Chamartin train station.
Buses start from Mendez Álvaro bus station “Estación Sur”

From Madrid-Barajas airport to Madrid

– By taxi there is a fixed rate of 30 euro from the airport to Madrid.
– Metro is a fast option to go to Madrid from the airport. There are two metro station in the airport, one for Terminal 1-2-3 and other in Terminal 4.
– There is a Train station connecting Terminal 4 with Chamartin train station. Look for “Cercanias” trains.

From Madrid to Valladolid by train

This is the fastest option, it takes one hour by train to go from Madrid-Chamartin train station to Valladolid.
Prices for one ride are between 29-38 euro
Please consider to buy your ticket in advance since it could happen that some trains are full.

From Madrid to Valladolid by bus

It takes two hours and half to go from Madrid Estación Sur (Mendez Álvaro) to Valladolid.
One ride ticket cost 15,18 euro
There is also a connection from the airport Madrid-Barajas Terminal 4 to Valladolid.
Please consider to buy your ticket in advance.