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“Coexistence of uncountably many attracting sets for skew-products on the cylinder”

Lluis Alseda (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)

Fecha: 09/02/2012 13:00
Lugar: E. Ingenierías Industriales, Aula 1.5, Paseo del Cauce 59
Grupo: GIR Sistemas Dinámicos

The aim of this talk is to show that the existence of attracting sets for quasiperiodically forced systems can be extended to appropriate skew-products on the cylinder, homotopic to the identity, in such a way that the general system will have (at least) one attracting set corresponding to every irrational rotation number in the rotation interval of the base map. This attracting set is a copy of the attracting set of the system quasiperiodically forced by a (rigid) rotation of the same angle. This shows the co-existence of uncountably many attracting sets, one for each irrational in the rotation interval of the basis.