Mathematics Research Institute


The Low Surface Brightness realm in the lives of galaxies, and what we are working on from the UVa

Fernando Buitrago (UVa)

Fecha: 20/10/2021 12:00
Lugar: Sala de Grados I (Facultad de Ciencias)
Grupo: MathPhys

As this is my first talk as a UVa member, I will illustrate why Astrophysics and Galaxy Formation & Evolution are relevant for our comprehension of the Universe and its potential for the future at our university. Then, I will review the topic where I have been focusing my efforts during the last years, the Low Surface Brightness regime in regards to extragalactic studies. I will explain why gaining access to the outer and faintest parts of galaxies is important to learn how these objects first formed, and to track their progressive assembly over cosmic time. However, if we are to extract all the information we need from next generation facilities (the James Webb Space Telescope or the synoptic telescopes) one also has to take special care on how their data is reduced and analysed, especially considering the enormous amount of data to come. I will finish by detailing our duties within the Euclid Space Telescope consortium, where we are leading the working package on diffuse light, and we will describe at length the meaning of this subject.