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How to compute the multigraded Hilbert depth of a module

Bogdan Ichim (Instituto de Matemáticas ”Simion Stoilow” de la Academia Rumana)

Fecha: 22/02/2013 11:00
Lugar: Seminario A-125 de la Facultad de Ciencias
Grupo: GIR Singacom

We introduce a method for computing Hilbert decompositions (and consequently the Hilbert depth) of a finitely generated multigraded module $M$ over the polynomial ring $K[X_1, ldots, X_n]$ by reducing the problem to the computation of the finite set of Hilbert partitions. We show that Hilbert partitions may also be used for computing the Stanley depth of the module $M$. Thus, we provide solutions to some problems proposed by Jurgen Herzog.