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Please let us know your travel plan or any problems that you find, because maybe we can make the trip together in our car or pick you up somewhere.

Segovia is a historical city in the province of Castilla and León, at 87 km from Madrid and 111 km from Valladolid. There are different possibilities to get to Segovia:

  • Driving on your own.

  • From MADRID BARAJAS (airport) to MADRID:

    You may arrive at any of the four terminals of the airport (T1, T2 T3 or T4).
    We recommend you to take the metro (it is cheap, 2€ for the trip).

    This is the Metro sign and you should follow it.
    There is metro line connecting the airport with downtown:
    Line 8. Nuevos Ministerios - Aeropuerto T4. Download a map.

    • Terminal T4: The station is on floor -1.
    • Terminals T1, T2, T3: The entrance to the underground can be found in the walkway connecting to car park P2 in the middle of the terminal 2. From the airport to "Nuevos Ministerios" the trip takes about 25 min.

    From the airport to "Nuevos Ministerios" the trip takes about 25 min.
    This is a map of the Metro network.


    • By RENFE train: Trains start from "Chamartin" train station, you may arrive by metro (line 10). Train Madrid-Segovia takes about 30 minutes, you may check timetable.
      Prices are as follows:

      • AVANT trains (the best choice) 10.60 euro.
      • ALVIA trains 23.60 euro.
      • REGIONAL trains 6.40 euro (it takes 1h 45min !).

      AVANT and ALVIA trains arrive to "Segovia Guiomar" station which is far from center. You may take the bus, line 11 to "Plaza de la Artillería" (terminus), close to the aqueduct. Check the map.

    • By bus: Buses start form "Principe Pío" bus station, you may also arrive by metro (line 10). Bus takes about 1 hour, bus company is la Sepulvedana. It cost 7.66 €.
      You arrive to the bus station in Segovia. Check the map.

How to arrive to the Workshop

The lectures will take place at the Computer Science School (Escuela de Informática), Plaza de Santa Eulalia. If you need a map click here.

How to arrive to the hotel

Meals will take place at the Hotel Las Sirenas in Segovia. If you need a map click here.
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